My favorite picture of my favorite man

Since he pretty much never reads my blog, or if he does he doesn’t much admit it, I can say and post this my favorite picture.

Taken on our honeymoon. I watched him shave and thought “He’s mine! All mine!! That face is mine!!” Muahahhahaaha! I am still amazed at how handsome he is.

Plus it was so interesting to watch a man shave.

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  1. suleyman says:

    Ha ha! (that’s not a Nelson Muntz laugh). He looks similar to my dad, at least when my dad was younger. People from my family have that curly hair thing goin’ on.Shaving is the most undignified thing. I always hate doing it, so I lock myself away where no one can see me. Maybe I’m hardcore, but I don’t shave with shaving cream. On occasion I’ll use soap, but all I really need is hot water.*scraaape*-Suley

  2. RunningWheel says:

    Now you get an idea of how us guys feel when we see you do your makeup, or paint your nails. It is something so foreign, and yet you do it will such skill and ease. To me it is so mesmorizing.Note: if you catch your husband gazing at you as you do these things, SLOW DOWN as you do it…it makes the activity look so much more graceful and sexy.

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