A friend wrote

about his son. His son is 1 year old thereabouts. This friend had not only a completely absent dad, but a terrible dad. A dad who got him into pornography at a young age. How could he do that, when he was absent? Well he would show up occasionally I guess, or the son would seek him out always in this vain hope that somehow he could make a peace with his dad. The son is a pastor. This pastor did alot for me to make me understand a few things some years back, he is a good pastor. He has since dealt with the porn issue, but it plagued him for awhile I guess.

Getting to the point, this friend said that raising his son, tenderly, with love and patience has in some ways helped him to reconcile this gaping hole where his own father should have been. And he said that when you do for others what you wish someone had done for you, it heals you.

So. This said, I am looking forward to the healing that bringing up Addy will hopefully afford. (this is not intended as an indictment of my parents) Just the whole idea of being able to somehow rise above it, see it from afar, not struggle, just have a perspective change that makes it so that I am not touched by it, is a welcome thing.

Sunday we dedicated the cherub. She was mystified.

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