A very close person to me is struggling with unacknowledged alcoholism.

Ironically, he has a ton of money, a loving, beautiful and patient wife, great kids, grandkids and everything to live for.

He is in alcohol related depression now, has numerous alcohol-related health problems.  ((sigh))

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  1. Jenelle says:

    It is so friggin retarded to me that alcohol remains a legal drug. Honestly it has ruined more lives…Alcoholism is such a terrible disease. My mother is a recovering alcoholic and I too am a recovering alcoholic. I began drinking at the age of 13. I never hung out with people my age because I was always “too cool”. Well being cool took it’s toll. By the time I was 15 I was drinking everynight and would go days without eating. Literally I was a stick figure. It was a very desperate time for me as I was also homeless and living on the streets. Staying with friends here and there, but had no place to call home. I met my husband about 6 months after i began to slow down on the drinking and with hs support, I kicked the habit. But once an alkie, always an alkie. I drink every here and there, but I find myself wanting to get hammered, see how much I can drink so I can wear it like a badge. So mostly I just stay away from it. But it is a horrific addiction. I hope your friend seeks the help he needs and takkes care of himself, not just for his sake either, but for those around him who love him dearly.

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