Well NPR took down the Zvezda rock and rolla song, but they have Ya Tak Liublu Tebya on their website –it is the first song on the list, which is written in Cyrillic. It’s an early song, one they played when i went to see them. However Sergey Shnurov, the band’s lead is different then when I saw them and it was Igor Vdovin, who is the guy on the left in this pic.

Here is their website. People are calling them punk/ska, which they have that style in a way, but its mixed with a heavy dose of that awful Russian oompah sound which makes it very crazed edgy sound. Lots of horns and well you just should listen to it, apparently after poking around a bit, they are really popular in Russia these days.

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  1. suleyman says:

    Well, that’s how the education majors are seen, I can’t control it. They did tend to complain more at the research aspect of the field, which in turn annoyed those of us who enjoyed it.I’m glad I took a year of Russian, but the download times on those tracks are longer than the Trans-Siberian railroad. No dice. I’ll have to search around on Limewire for these suckers so I can hear what they sound like.One sickness I suffered from in high school was a preoccupation with Soviet art. In art class I always incorporated Soviet style into everything I made. There’s just something unique and visceral about it. My favorite old army jacket has a “Young Pioneer” pin featuring a profile of comrade Lenin, as well as a Soviet army lapel pin. I also have a rather smart looking KGB cap.Oh, and the Pablo Neruda book thing – he who pulls that – I give him big fat props. And if it hasn’t been pulled, then I’ll have to pull it first.That dude on the right has Flock of Seagulls hair, btw.-Suley


    I have all of their albums and lots of boot legs…And have seen them a few times….this is the most skillful band I have EVER seen..If you want a taste get the “the end “album and cottage people…..also from the “ona” is awesome I love that song about the criminal in the subway that gets destroyed by the falling police boots …but for his own good….Also soilya bulla “silent bullet….awesome…….when does the silent bullet come for me……..Anti red, all fashist and ex junkies…….Too cool to explain

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